Albert Einstein once said ‘adversity introduces a man to himself’ and I’d like to tell you a tale about how even the best-laid plans can go wrong, but they can rocket your life into a future of opportunity!

I found myself in the unknown after I flunked every single A-Level (partly because my tutor at my private school told me to do Latin, French, and Economics) and partly because I was enjoying Atlantic College in South Wales far too much, with much outdoor activity and illicit visits to the local pub…I was only 16 but I looked older! I was too lazy and unmotivated to do academia.

When my father and mother looked at the failure notice, they blanched, sat down, and suggested I go into the Hotel Business as I loved cooking. My father had contact with British Transport Hotels, so I joined up and spent two years in a sweaty kitchen in Leeds. A massive learning curve but my life with food had begun and little did I know, but what I learned there was to shape my future.
I vividly remember the classic things we cooked for discerning customers, Dover Sole Bonne Femme, Tournedos Rossini, Cote De Boeuf Bearnaise, Entrecote Marchant de Vin, Escalope de Veau Viennoise. Some of these remain but most are a distant memory. I often think that chefs nowadays are trying too hard to create new, complex, and innovative dishes. Perhaps it’s more my age that determines my food preferences, but having said all that, I love trying new things, particularly when abroad. Tapas is a great way to eat, grazing and to get variety, it’s also very special in that it’s so very social. This is something we have missed dearly due to our current lockdown with Covid-19 but we have started our Zoom Cooking Sessions which are slowly gathering speed. We miss the physical presence of people, but we have found it exciting and fun.

I am in a privileged position to be able to share my passion with others through our courses and I just wanted to remind you all that out of adversity can come opportunity!

Join us for one of our virtual sessions and check out all of our available cooking experiences below :

May we remain social (safely), may our palates remain nourished with delectable flavours and may we keep our utmost admiration for the universal language that we all share in food!