15th October 2022 – Tasty Veggie Recipes 10AM – 5PM


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Here’s a list of the foods that we might cook (Please feel free to highlight any of these on the list that you would like to cook and we will do our best to oblige)

I defy any carnivore to turn their noses up at these recipes. Mouthwatering and exciting despite no animal or fish in sight!

Rosemary and Potato bread (A curious mix, but it really works! The potatoes are cooked and diced and added to the second dough proving with the chopped fresh rosemary and lemon zest)

Lebanese Oregano Bread Baps (I love regional food and these are based on a Lebanese baker’s signature bread recipe, ingredients include turmeric, garlic, cumin  and dried oregano with a generous amount of olive oil)

Tarka Dal (We use the orange lentils and make a lovely stew with garlic, cumin, fresh coriander and fresh tomatoes)

Roasted Vegetable Wellington with sage Hollandaise Sauce (We cook whole field mushrooms with roasted red pepper halves, wilted spinach and red onion all layered and wrapped in Puff Pastry)

Field Mushrooms au Gratin (Large flat mushrooms filled with boursin cheese, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, pine nuts, spring onions, slivered garlic, fresh tomatoes, topped with grated parmesan cheese)

Onion Bhajis (Thinly sliced red onions, mixed with chickpea flour, garlic, turmeric, cumin powder and water. Shallow fried and served with a delicious cucumber raita)

Baked Red Pepper Boats (Filled with fresh tomatoes, tomato puree, spring onions, fresh ginger root, fresh coriander, sundried tomatoes. We bake them drizzled with olive oil)

Avocado and Tomato Mascarpone Bake (Warm avocado takes on a different taste. We layer it with the de-seeded tomato flesh, mascarpone and a little curry paste, topped with grated parmesan and baked)

Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Soup (A lovely match. We blend it with bramley apples and leeks and add cream to serve!!)

Hazelnut Meringue Tower with Raspberry Puree and Cream (The hazelnuts give this an extra dimension and everyone will want more!!)



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