19th November 2022 – Mediterranean Cooking 10AM – 5PM


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Here’s a list of the foods that we might cook (Please feel free to highlight any of these on the list that you would like to cook and we will do our best to oblige)

White/Granary Bread (Includes Focaccia, Plait all made from scratch)

Lebanese Thyme Bread(Once proved and brimming with cumin  and garlic)

Giant mushrooms with blue cheese (reminds us of Spanish Tapas in Majorca)

Sauteed halloumi with a green leaf salad  (Salty Halloumi set off by a healthy dressed salad)

Tarragon chicken  (Pungent tarragon in a cream sauce helping the chicken to be full of flavour0

Ham Croquetas (Like fishcakes but made with ham and red peppers)

Mixed bean croquetas (As the above but veggie with mixed beans and veg)

Chocolate mousse cake (Indulgent chocolate mousse baked in a cake tin, yummy!)

Creme brulee (a mediterranean favourite, improved with sharp passion fruit)

Roasted vegetable wellington with tomatoe hollandaise

Gratin dauphinoises potatoes

Gorgonzola and basil pork fillet, roasted whole

Steamed bass fillet with dill hollandaise

Tarte tatin


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