23rd July 2022 – Italian Cooking 10AM – 5PM


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This course is the perfect mix of simplicity, great ingredients and culinary honesty!

Here’s a list of the foods that we might cook (Please feel free to highlight any of these on the list that you would like to cook and we will do our best to oblige)

Italian Breads.
Ciabatta, Foccaccia, all enhanced with sunsoaked flavours.

We make Ravioli, Tagliatelle, Lasagne all from scratch. Lovely sauces to go with the pastas.

Creamy, bursting with Italian flavours, Pancetta, Fresh basil, Fresh sage, finished with colourful veg. You have to stand over this and add the stock slowly.

Roasted Cod with a sage, lemon and cream sauce.

Escalopes of Chicken tossed in oregano breadcrumbs, served with a tomato and olive cream sauce.

Spinach Gnocchi. A delicate Italian dumpling served with a basil and tomato and olive sauce.

Mozzarella, lemon and parsley Arancini. Delicious risotto balls, deep fried and served with sage Crème Fraiche.

Taleggio Tart with Walnut Pastry

Canoli. Very Italian, made with italian sweet pastry and filled with creamy ricotta and honey.

Chocolate and pistachio semifreddo. Mix and freeze, that’s it!

Torta Chocolata del Nonna. Dark and indulgent chocolate Tart.

Affogato del Caffe. Hot expresso topped with icecream, so simple yet so good.


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