3rd September 2022 – Indian Cooking 10AM – 5PM


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We grind our own spices, use proper curry pastes, enjoy the aromas and tasty results of a great cooking culture.

Here’s a list of the foods that we might cook (Please feel free to highlight any of these on the list that you would like to cook and we will do our best to oblige)

Onion Bajis. Simply made with Chick pea flour, red onions, garlic and spices.

Vegetable Samosas. Using filo pastry, whatever veg you like, garlic, ginger and they are baked.

Cucumber Raita. So clean and fresh, with mint, garlic, yogurt and de-seeded cucumber. Great contrast to the spicy food.

Beef Curry. Not over hot, plenty of spice, coconut cream, tomato puree, fresh coriander and garlic. Good warming food.

Chicken Balti. Better than the takeaway one. This is with spinach, tomato, a variety of spices and coconut milk.

Malabar Prawns. A recipe from Kerala, quite chillied with ginger, garlic, coriander seeds, and decent prawns.

Coconut Fish Dream. We use fresh cod or haddock with a wonderful sauce of fresh and tinned tomatoes, fresh coriander, coconut milk and mild curry paste. Simply baked in the oven.

Chicken Tikka. Chicken breasts marinated in a mild spice paste made with yogurt, mint and Marko’s own spice blend, baked. Healthy or what?

Tarka Dal.   A lovely red lentil quick cook stew. The lentils are cooked with veg stock, garlic and ginger, tomato puree, finished with melted ghee.

Pilau Rice. The absorption method, coloured with turmeric, takes 20 minutes maximum on a low flame. Great with all Indian dishes.


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