Thursday 25th March – Simple Family Meal Ideas Demo – 6pm to 7:15pm


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Under Lockdown you have the choice of a Takeaway or Cook At Home. We love old favourites and tempting kids with different tastes. You can overcater on purpose and make room in the freezer for the surplus to pull out at random on another day. Its so satisfying to cook decent food with decent ingredients.

Here’s a list of things we might cook (Please feel free to let us know what you would like to do from the list and we will do our best to oblige)

Savoury Filo Twists. You fill two sheets of filo pastry (Like a sausage roll) with eg Spicy Beef or a veggie filling and twist it into a Catherine wheel shape and fry or bake it. Its fun and delicious.

Cottage Pie. This old favourite never dies, but we will add some xtras like diced butternut squash, red peppers and sundried tomatoes.

Chicken Breast beaten out, eggwashed and rolled in spicy breadcrumbs, fried and served with a fast tomato salsa.
20 minute potato and onion bake
20 minute steamed buttered leeks

Beef stew and dumplings. You can’t better this one, winter or summer, it’s a winner! We put carrots and parsnips in ours and some creamed horseradish.

Mild Chicken Curry. Plenty of flavour but light on the chilli.

Chunky Risotto. Takes 20 minutes to cook, keeps well to re-heat, you put in what you like. We put in crunchy smoked streaky bacon. It’s a meal in itself.

Macaroni Cheese. Jazz it up with extras like petits pois, cooked chicken, tinned tomatoes in with the cheese sauce. Also add shredded leeks cooked in butter. It makes a meal of it!

Leftover Pasty. Buy some pre-rolled puff pastry, cut into large squares, fill and fold, bake. Easy and using any leftovers such as beef mince, chicken from the Sunday roast, veggie casserole, whatever you can find.

Meatballs and Mash. Buy some lean mince, add garlic and onions, dried oregano, a touch of curry paste, tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce an egg. Make a simple tomato sauce and you have a lovely simple family meal. Serve this with a simple mash.

Chocolate Cornflakes. Kids love these, so do adults!
Pancakes. Make loads and freeze. Serve with warm golden syrup, Nutella, fresh lemon juice and demerara sugar. The pancakes warm through in the microwave.

Apple Snow using cooked bramley apples. Marco’s Mum used to do this, its sharp and fruity with yogurt added or plopped on top.


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