Thursday 4th March – Virtual Egg Demo – 6pm to 7:15pm


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One of the great staples not only for breakfast but used in all sorts of cooking. Today we celebrate eggs for what they are and what we can do with them. Even the most experienced cooks stumble sometimes, particularly with poached and boiled eggs! Today we explore six ways of cooking eggs.

Boiled Egg. All credit to John Torrode for this. It works every time if you follow the recipe and timing exactly!

Scrambled Egg. Perhaps the most versatile of all the methods. I add a bit of cream sometimes and plenty of black pepper.

Poached. As an experienced breakfast chef once, we would half poach 40 eggs at a time and lower them into water with ice cubes to stop them cooking, then plunge them in simmering water just before they are required.

Omelette. My namesake Elizabeth David championed this wonderful instant meal. Non stick frypan is a must!

Fried. This includes the art of flicking the hot butter on the top to avoid goo!

Baked. A wonderful breakfast! Two eggs baked in the oven with butter and cream. Blissful!
Marco will happily answer questions from our audience as we go along.

The demonstrations will only have ten people present and all recipes will be emailed to you prior to the event to whet your appetite.

Top Tech Tip. If you hook up an HDMI cable from your laptop to a TV in your kitchen, you then have two screens to allow you to have an audience at home!


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