Virtual Indian Course with The Cooking Experience



Spice, aromas and wonderful taste combinations. The food you will learn how to create will be much better than your average takeaway. We celebrate all that is good in Indian food. The emphasis is on preparing the ingredients properly and having them all lined up ready to go. The actual cooking is relatively quick, the results are wonderful!

Onion Baji. An absolute must and such a classic! With just a few ingredients, mainly red onion and flour, they are easy to make but they are so moreish! They can be kept warm in the oven and are best served with a cracking mango chutney.

Coconut Fish Dream. We use cod or salmon, but it’ s also great with monkfish as it is firm like meat and rich in flavour. You make the sauce and pour it over the raw fish, bake it and within 20 minutes you have a simple but complex spicy fish dish.

We will demonstrate :
Marco’s Spices. 5 different Indian spices dry fried and powdered. No chilli in this, you can add it to taste.

Pilau Rice. Marco uses the absorption method, not much measuring, 15 minutes cooking time and the result is fluffy, not stodgy rice, drops off the spoon easily. We add Marco’s spices to give it a kick!

Beef Curry. This is a cracker, not too hot, rich with spice, coconut cream, tomatoes and herbs, slow cooked, better on Day 2 as all “stews” and suchlike are. Best eaten with decent yogurt and decorted with fresh coriander.
Marco will happily answer questions from our audience as we go along.

We will have a maximum of three households per session for this, so the session is inclusive for all involved.

Top Tech Tip. If you hook up an HDMI cable from your laptop to a TV in your kitchen, you then have two screens to allow you to have an audience at home!


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