Wednesday 17th March – Virtual Healthy Seafood – 6pm to 7:15pm


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This island nation of ours boasts many fish and we can get more exotic fish from away. It’s so healthy, even with the odd naughty ingredient! We have chosen things to cook that will be easy to source so even during these times, you won’t struggle to get hold of these ingredients.

Here’s a list of fish we might cook, all with health and lower calories in mind!

Mackerel in a parcel. This noble tasty fish is in abundance around our coastline. They used to be thrown away, now they fetch a decent price. We put two fillets in a parcel, sprinkle lemon zest and juice, fresh ginger grated, spring onion, sesame oil, season well and wrap in a foil cracker, oven baked. As you open the parcel you will be delighted by the aroma that fills the room.

Quick Cook Salmon Fillet. We buy the salmon fillets, cut each one lengthways in half, giving you four good, but thin fillets. We cook them in olive oil, garlic and spring onion, we season well with a splash of white wine, and serve with baby new potatoes.

Monkfish tail. Wrapped in parma ham, sits on a bed of thinly sliced fennel, drizzled with chilli oil, baked and served with a decent yogurt, decorated with some of the fennel leaf.

Thick Cod Loin. This is the centre of the cod fillet and it’s the most succulent. Here we mix breadcrumbs with fresh sage, lemon zest, seasoning, mustard and egg yolk, make slits in the fish and coat with the mixture, bake and serve with a simple tomato salsa.

Fresh Mussels with cider. Steamed in garlic, onions, grated apple, chopped fresh mint, olive oil and cider. These mussels produce a lot of juice and ooze flavour!

Whole Seabass. Wrapped in a salt crust, and then in foil with lemon slices and black pepper, baked and when you open up the parcel, you gently chip away at the salt so you reveal the succulent slightly sweet flavour.


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