We can’t wait to welcome you back into our home in Hadleigh for our usual on-site courses once Covid-19 restrictions have lifted and it is safe to do so.

During this time we welcome you to join our virtual experiences which you will find on our course calendar!

Stay safe everyone and we will see you very soon!

Course Themes

These culinary experiences are designed to build your confidence, revive your recipe repertoire, inspire you to get to the stove and create delicious food for family and friends. You are not judged on your cooking ability, so novices and competent cooks work together in a relaxed and informal atmosphere hosted from the comfort of our home in Hadleigh. We eat the food we have prepared and cooked together, washed down with a glass or two of wine. 

All Courses

Join us for one of our upcoming experiences…

If you like to cook in a fun, relaxed and hospitable environment with likeminded people, then you should join us! Check out our upcoming dates and see which course takes your fancy, in line with your diary. 



Using the freshest and juiciest of tomatoes, copious amounts of crushed garlic and a generous glug, (or two) of olive oil, allow us to show you the Italian way! We will give you the tools and recipes to create your very own Ristorante in your own homes!

Thai and Vietnamese

Allow your tastebuds to travel to South East Asia with us!

Asian food is the perfect mix of sweet, salty, spicy and sour and together we will create an explosion of flavour. The streets of Bangkok and Hanoi won’t be too far from you on this day, as you taste your way through a journey of deliciousness.


Mop up your plate with a freshly baked Chappatti made by you…

Expect your aromas to go wild in a room full of rich spice, indulgent creaminess and tangy tomato flavours. Your love for Indian food will only be heightened during this day of deliciousness! Take your pick of a Cobra or a glass of red to accompany…


Think the freshest of all… 

Our fish selection will not disappoint. We will teach you exactly how to buy the right fish and how to season, spice and combine herbs to create your own kind of perfect dish. Join us for a session on how to dress, cook and most importantly, EAT the greatest seafood of all.


This cuisine is so versatile, so flavoursome and also considered as one of the healthiest ways to live a wholesome yet delicious diet…

Pair this delicious menu with a glass or two of red wine and you may as well be in France, Spain or Greece. Please note, you will still physically be in Suffolk, apologies, but we can make your palate tantalise as though they are abroad!

Grazing Food

This menu is what we like to call ‘picky bits’…

If you’re looking for inspiration for the next time you host, and you want deliciousness but ease – this one is for you. It really is what it says on the tin and what a wonderful grazing menu this is!

Quick & Easy

If you’re looking to ‘wow’ your guests at your upcoming dinner party, then look no further! 

We will provide you with the skills, experience and confidence to create wonderful food without the stress. Learn how to entertain your loved ones, the simple yet effective way…

Simply Baking

We are taking you back to your childhood! Think Cakes and Bread, Scones and Chocolate Eclairs. Our baking day is filled with homemade loving bakes as we make pastry from scratch, an array of breads, gorgeously rich scones, savoury and sweet choux pastry and some delightful savoury tarts. Its the alluring smells from the oven that make the day and then, of course, devouring the food!

Let’s cook!

Be it a cooking holiday, catering for an event or joining one of our upcoming courses  – we would love for you to experience a culinary experience, like no other!