Christmas Without Tears

Yes, it can be done!! This particular course will put your mind at rest and give you some good tips for the Big Meal and what to do with the leftover turkey! We are keeping it traditional and cooking a slow-roast turkey with roast potatoes, chestnut stuffing and perfect Brussels Sprouts. On the menu also are useful meals (WITH RECIPES) around the big day, most will be freezable. All the recipes and others too will be in your folders. You will leave with inspiration, peace of mind, and a brilliant Factsheet to help you to achieve your very own organised and Fun Christmas.

Course Dates

General Information

- All equipment and kitchen wear provided by us on the day.
- Also included are all ingredients, drinks (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic), course folders (If you haven't been before) and course certificate.
- Free use of Wi-Fi connection available on request