It is incredible how people can squeeze their experience onto one piece of A4 paper, I’d struggle to fit mine onto 10 page and not only because of the varied experience I’ve had but because each experience has such a spectacular story to tell! Hats off to those who can master the art of concise writing – as you will learn with these blogs and if you meet me, I love a good natter and I love the intricate detail, of life, of food and of experiencing it all in one.

I began my career when I was 18 and it was definitely a sink or swim experience to say the least. Working in a basement for a hotel in Leeds, surrounded by males who would’ve considered me as ‘the posh boy’. They all had foul mouths, they weren’t particularly friendly and they wouldn’t be my chosen group of colleagues… BUT. It was vital for me to get these guys on side, should I want to succeed in this role. So, despite the questionable management, the shear amount of alcohol consumed whilst we were expected to cater for large numbers and the lack of professionalism – I learnt the life lesson of simply getting on with it! The experience I gained in cooking for such large numbers in an environment that wasn’t great, to say the least was the stepping stone I needed to launch my career.

My Hotel Management training lasted for six years and after a couple of years into my waiting training, I learnt that chefs like to leave ‘traps’ such as overheating silver platters to burn waiters’ hands! It’s true you have to start from the bottom though as once my third-degree burns recovered, opportunities arose including a stint in Paris!

The moral of the story is here, we’ve all started from somewhere and whatever the experience, it’s always valuable because it will have taught you or shown you something. So take those experiences and use them to your best advantage!